Manuel Garcia-Ruiz (coordinator) | twitter: @vanhoben

He is a Research Assistant at CIES-IUL and an Associated Researcher at IS-FLUP. He pursues his PhD in Urban Sociology at ISCTE-IUL. He has a particular interest in Light Festivals as instruments for the territorial development of Portuguese secondary cities (medium and small) through the creation of a highly competitive and specialized creative tourism. He is also an advisory member (international festival advisor) of the European Network Spectrum. CoEditor of Etno.Urb Network and Director of UAF.

Henrique Chaves (org)

He is currently finishing his MA in Sociology at FSCH-Lisbon. His research is focused on Social Communities and Social Dynamics. He has a special interest in the field of Urban Studies, specially on social movements, public art, urban art and graffiti; but as well on the different types of living and mobilities. He conducts his research from a “right to the city” perspective. Henrique is also a member and coordinator of an anti-racism association named FAR (Frente Anti-Racista) and Production-Director of UAF.