Rules & Regulations UAF 2019

UAF – Urban Audiovisual Festival, has an annual occurrence, on dates set year after year. UAF has the support of the CIES-IUL (Centro de Investigações e Estudos de Sociologia, Instituto Universitario de Lisboa). 1. FESTIVAL ENTRIES Multiple entries are invited. Each entry must be submitted independently thru the available form of the festival. Please fill in the entry form very carefully. Once the entry form has been submitted, … Continue reading Rules & Regulations UAF 2019


synopsis Elements used in the development of a scene.” A constant parade of bodies and objects make every moment unforeseen situations in a world – stage, whose record-breaking local autism forcing them to a wobbly dialogue between the ruins of the Tower of Babel. About the Authors Left Hand Rotation is a collective based in Lisbon since 2011. Terremotourism is a subjective portrait of a … Continue reading Atrezzo

Next Stop: La Latina

synopsis Next stop: La Latina” is a short documentary aimed to explore some nightlife-driven processes of touristification in a central neighborhood in Madrid (La Latina). Through the voices of different inhabitants of this place (long-term residents and ex-residents; workers from a local coalyard and a decaying retail market; ocasional or devoted night-revelers), along with well-recognized urban scholars, such as Michael Janoschka (Contested Cities) and Jorge … Continue reading Next Stop: La Latina

Sant’elia. fragments of a daily space

synopsis Sant’elia. fragments of a daily space is a web-documentary, resulted of three years of research in the district of Sant’Elia in Cagliari (the largest social housing site in Sardinia, Italy) and from a “workshop of Tales” which mixed the experience of the inhabitants of the Association of Women” Viva Sant’Elia “, geographers and filmmaker. It’s a geographical and visual narrative project that proposes urban … Continue reading Sant’elia. fragments of a daily space

Another Lisbon Story

synopsis A favela in Lisbon, the residents are an active part of the decisions of the place where they live and a research team follows the process of inclusion in society. The absence of a decent housing policy, in response to the needs of the lower income population, resulted in unofficial housing. Residents are unemployed or are having extremely poor working conditions. What they earn … Continue reading Another Lisbon Story

Rosso Vivo

synopsis All Reds Rugby Roma, a popular sports team based on self-management creates an inclusive political project in an illegally occupied place. At the end of the eighties, in Rome we have witnessed a process of re-appropriation of some unused places and buildings, where political collectives give new meaning to abandoned spaces of the city through the illegal occupation of public and private buildings. Thus … Continue reading Rosso Vivo