Mind the Gap – HK MTR

Chloe Law & Carson Mulligan | Hong Kong 2 m52 | 2017

Seeing the MTR as part of everyday life in Hong Kong and through living processes, we have recorded the daily ritual of passive commuters in between the signs and infrastructures, capture the sounds and voices inside the stations and within clandestine areas. We have attempted to grasp the flow of speed during rush hours and the standstill moments contrasting with them. Together, it creates the rhythm and symphony of everyday life Hong Kong citizen.

Chloe Law

Chloe Law is a visual communication designer with decade-long experience across Australia, Hong Kong and Mainland China. In her work, the visual talks more than just vision, it informs relations and shapes practices. Her interventions include participatory research and ethnographic methods. Based in Shanghai, she currently explores the mutation of Chinese cities.

Carson Mulligan

Carson Mulligan is a student at National Taiwan University and will attend the Yenching Academy at Peking University next fall in Beijing to study Law & Society. He comes from rural Oklahoma and has interned for the White House Liaison Office at the U.S. Department of State, Morgan Stanley, and Seaport Global Securities.

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