Artur dos Reis | Portugal 8m 45 | 2018

There is a place in the city where man and machine become one. Beneath the floor, in Lisbon’s undergrounds, daily routines are deconstructed and fragmented inside a mechanism that feeds of temporary, anonymous beings. They exist only while they’re inside it.


Artur dos Reis soon developed an interest for the visual arts, which led him to study Sound and Image at ESAD.CR. There he made his first acquaintances with fellow artists and film makers, like Yuuts Ruoy Collective, with who he developed work on video installation for their performances. In 2017 he moves to Lisbon, to take an internship at Terratreme, Portuguese film production company. In 2018 he has his first short film, Meca, premiere at Doclisboa IFF, along with Cartography of a Rehearsal, directed by Ana-Maria, where he worked as an editor.

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