Riccardo Bertoia | Italy 2m 29 | 2018

Experimental video about an infrastructure in Milan called “Railway bypass” (in Italian “Passante Ferroviario”), one of the most emblematic public works of the city. Conceived in after World War II and realized with a delay of over thirty years, the idea of city and infrastructure at the base of its project recalled Modern Movement and the relative interpretations on ‘human scale’. In collaboration with Clara Scola.


Urban planner, currently studying Multimedia Arts. I have always been obsessed with space. Above all I am interested in investigating its character, the ways and practices of its use.

The material and immaterial links between a place and who lives, or simply crosses it, are constantly at the center of my work. Whether they are philosophical, social or political, but as well physical and material. This is why I often resort to the use of the body as a research tool on this purpose. I strive to choose means and techniques of work by virtue of the subject I approach to, insofar as I continuously try to put them under discussion.