Elo Perdido. O Brasil que Pedala

Renata Falzoni | Brazil 30 min 09 | 2018

In an increasingly motorized Brazil, where cars and motorcycles are considered a priority on the streets, thousands of Brazilians prefer to use bicycles as their main means of transportation. More than a simple choice, the alternative reflects a peculiar moment of the country, besides raising reflections on the growing industrialization.


Architect, journalist, cyclo-activist. Pedal since 1976 as a means of transport. In the late 1980s, he founded Night Biker’s Club of Brazil, the country’s first night pedal group. With passes through Folha de S.Paulo, Channel 21, ESPN and TV Gazeta, Renata has already pedaled in 28 different countries producing the program “Adventures with Renata Falzoni”. Today he is at the front of the portal and Bike is Legal channel, besides being a commentator of the Mais São Paulo chart on CBN radio.

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