A way we go

Jacqueline Hicks | Australia, Vietnam, China, India, Kenya, Russia, Turquia, Espanha e Alemanha 56 min | 2017

Treading the paths that millions of people take every day, this film takes an insight into one of life’s great mysteries: where are we when we are between places? By exploring the urban transport in ten diverse major cities, it strips back misconceptions about the time it takes to get around, and explore the beauty, culture and life which thrives among the timetables, wheels and concrete of the various modes of transport that we use in our cities.


Jacqui grew up in a small city where many people drove cars. However, she never bought one herself and when she started her engineering degree, she decided to take the train to University – it was a longer commute but she really enjoyed it. When they threatened to cut the rail line her interest in sustainability and the culture around urban transport led her to do a Masters in sustainable transport in France and then return to Australia to do her PhD on social influences of urban passenger transport use.
Wanting to apply some of her findings and to continue her exploration of transport, she embarked on a journey to make a film to help the world see the beauty and complexity of transport, particularly the time we spend on transport. She has learnt everything along the way, but through her curiosity offers a fresh approach to documentary film making and urban transport.

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