On 1 November 1755 an earthquake destroyed the city of Lisbon. Its impact was such that it displaced man from the center of creation. Its ruins legitimized Enlightened Despotism.

Lisbon today is trembling again, shaken by a tourist earthquake that transforms the city at cruising speed.
Its impact displaces the inhabitant of the center of the city. What new absolutisms will find their alibi here?

As the right to the city collapses, drowned by the discourse of identity and the authentic, the city creaks announcing the collapse and the urgency of a new way of looking at us, of reacting to a transformation, this time predictable, that the despair of the Capitalism pretends inevitable.

About the Authors

Left Hand Rotation is a collective based in Lisbon since 2011. Terremotourism is a subjective portrait of a city and its transformation during the last 6 years


Film Information

Edited, produced and directed: Left Hand Rotation Collective
Música: Ricardo Jacinto
Year: 2016

Dur: 42 mins Format: MiniDV Aspect: 16:9 COLOR


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Terramotourism Press Kit

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