Sant’elia. fragments of a daily space


Sant’elia. fragments of a daily space is a web-documentary, resulted of three years of research in the district of Sant’Elia in Cagliari (the largest social housing site in Sardinia, Italy) and from a “workshop of Tales” which mixed the experience of the inhabitants of the Association of Women” Viva Sant’Elia “, geographers and filmmaker.

It’s a geographical and visual narrative project that proposes urban reflections, stories, experiences, conflicts from the point of view of the inhabitants for understanding the actual meaning of “outskirt”.

It is also the fourth experience of a form of social narrative that we call “geo- telling” and that questions the practices and the emotions of a non- representative urban geography.

The web-doc won in 2017 the first prize in “AltroFestival” for social communication (Capodarco, Italy) and was selected as a finalist in “PriMed – Prix de la Mediterlanée” (Marseille, France). In 2018 was presented in the “American Association of Geographers SHORTS Days” (New Orleans, USA).

Technical Information


Silvia Aru, Bruno Chiaravalloti, Claudio Jampaglia, Maurizio Memoli


Giuseppina and Rita De Agostini, Rosy Fadda, Deborah Lai, Cenza Murru, Paola Murru, Rosa Sabati,

research direction producer

Maurizio Memoli


Claudio Jampaglia


Bruno Chiaravalloti


Nino Calabrò

art director

Francesco Merlini


Emanuela Cara, Debora Locci, Gianni Lepori, Marcellino Cuccu

other contents

dynamic multiscreen homepage with sound
2 multimedia content video, historia and present photos, maps, texts e audio
1 photo gallery
diagrams of the field research




English and French

production year



6 video-stories (28 min.)
6 video-portraits (19 min.)


University of Cagliari and Prospekt 2015-2016

University of Cagliari, Regione Sardegna and City of Cagliari


SantElia_Altri1SantElia_Processione1palazzoni serapanni stesi palazzoni.pngtirrenia sterpaglia.pnguomo sul muretto.pngSANTELIA_Frammenti_di uno_spazio_quotidian Press Kit

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