Next Stop: La Latina


Next stop: La Latina” is a short documentary aimed to explore some nightlife-driven processes of touristification in a central neighborhood in Madrid (La Latina). Through the voices of different inhabitants of this place (long-term residents and ex-residents; workers from a local coalyard and a decaying retail market; ocasional or devoted night-revelers), along with well-recognized urban scholars, such as Michael Janoschka (Contested Cities) and Jorge Sequera (Oficina de Urbanismo Social), we explore the diversity of ways to understand the changes around this neighborhood. This documentary was filmed during over 2 years (2014-2016) and it is part of a broader ethnographic work, aiming to better provide provocative questions than ended answers: What is happening at downtown Madrid? What is a tourist and what an inhabitant? Who are the legitime owners of a place ́s identity? What is the displacement? How can we visualize it?

About the Author

Begoña Aramayona

Originally from Madrid, Begoña Aramayona is a young social psychologist, currently exploring the field of urban studies through audiovisual methodologies at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Inspired by authours such as Agnès Varda and Jean Rouch, and having previously explored the use of the camera as a social research tool in countries like Australia and México, “Next Stop: La Latina” is her first ready-to-public audiovisual piece, which is the result of a long ethnographic process conducted during more than three years (2014 -2017) in the neighborhood where she was living in Madrid.

Film Information

  • Direction, Script and Photography: Begoña Aramayona
  • Visual post-production: María Ceinos
  • Audio Postproducción: Nacho Zayas
  • Graphic Design: Julia Gil
  • Music: “Alegría” (Manos de Topo), “Macarena” (Espaldamaceta)
  • People interviewed:
  • María Jiménez (neighbor)
  • Peter Galkin (neighbor)
  • Lucas Esteve (neighbor)
  • César Fraile (neighbor)
  • Michael Janoschka (Contested Cities)
  • Jorge Sequera (Oficina de Urbanismo Social)
  • José (Lighty bicycle)
  • Arturo and Coal-workers
  • María (fruit-shop in Cebada’s market)




Next Stop: LaLatina Press Kit

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