Leti&Elis: Two faces of a day in the Valley of Mexico


“Leti & Elis” immerses us for one day in the life of two women who live in the Valley of Mexico. Both of them work in the South of Mexico City. Elis rents and shares her apartment which is located seven minutes by bike from her office, while Leti, like thousands of people, spends six hours a day traveling by metro and bus to move from and back to her social housing that she is still paying in the municipality of Zumpango, in the State of Mexico. This ethno-urban documentary presents two contrasting faces of urban life in Mexico.

ColeKtivo PelíKano

ColeKtivo PelíKano is international and multidisciplinary (geography, sociology, urbanism) group of friends based in Mexico. We have gathered experiences around Latin America and Europe, and through different networks (Contested Cities, Habitat International Coalition, National Autonomous University of Mexico…), which have made us sensitive and critical about urban issues and struggles which take place in our cities (gentrification, turistificacion, social production of habitat…)

“Leti & Elis” is our first fully self-managed documentary: carried out thanks to the commitment of friends of the audiovisual world, and produced through a crowdfunding campaign and the Geography Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (IG-UNAM), through the project “Conacyt 247398 – Social housing policy and formal land market in the Metropolis of the Valley of Mexico”.

Technical Information

Leti&Elis: Dos caras de un día en el Valle de México
Leti&Elis: Two faces of a day in the Valley of Mexico

Directors: Pierre Arnold, Rosalía Camacho & Lisette Soto

Production year: 2017
Country of production: Mexico
Other countries of productors: Chile – France
Length: 29 min.


1 (Zumpango)2 (Zumpango)9 (Zumpango)15 (Carretera)24 (Carretera)25 (Leti).jpg

Pelikano Press Kit

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