Urban Audiovisual Festival

The Urban Audio-visual Festival – UAF emerges as a place for discussion and dialogue between professionals who work on urban life. This scientific meeting aims to promote the production of quality and the dissemination of the audio-visual work carried out by researchers and filmmakers in the field of urban studies, as well as other related disciplines. The UAF is a collaborative initiative between CIES-IUL, CICS-NOVA and IS-UP.

The UAF commits itself to the community, bringing these works closer to the general public, approaching the academy to all. The reflection on what happens in our cities is one of the bases that gave rise to this festival, as well as the need to listen to a plurality of voices, understandings, and experiences from those who experience first-hand the topics proposed annually.

Life in society presents an infinity of situations, hence the need to narrow down the different topics and annually focus our eyes on a single concept. The UAF in its role of promoting dialogue with the community, as well as promoting reflection, manifests its sensitivity to the present day, accommodating issues of general interest in each edition.

Scientific audio-visual production, not very considered by many disciplines, finds in the UAF a privileged scenario, both for the presentation of works and for the evaluation of the audio-visual methods applied to the study of the urban. Likewise, the UAF invites its screens to unconventional productions, made with mobile devices or exploring other forms of production of moving images. The use of new techniques is another of the main objectives of the UAF, as it aims to make known the innovations made and their multiple applications to the study of contemporary cities.

The UAF is an invitation to watch the cities. To join to a debate far beyond the screens.


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